Proof Of Vampire Existence

Read the facts about vampires that you didn't learn in grade school. Whether you want to know because you are scared of being bitten, or because you want to meet a real vampire, you will view information about vampires that you never knew existed.

The fact is there is a lot more proof that vampires existed then people think. There are old sacred writings about vampires and even books written by doctors of the 1800's about the physical differences of a vampire body and how it works. Surprisingly, there are books written in the 1990's as well.

Bet you didn't know that! I know I didn't until I started researching, and it took me some time to find the information I was looking for. I really had to dig, and find the correct terms to use so that I didn't just keep finding forums where people are telling others that they think they are a vampire. I believe I would know it if I were.

So now that I did all this research, for no real reason then to find out if there are real vampires, or at least if vampires existed, what do I do with this information? Well, the answer is make this site for people just like me who want to discover the hidden truths about vampires. And like me, you probably don't want to spend time on "trying to find out", you just want to see proof now.

So Many Vampire History Stories

It is hard not to believe that vampires exist with all these stories. I know I am swayed to believe they did, and do, exist. I find them fastinating, especially the socially responsible vampires. The ones who only drink animal blood because they remember what being human was like. Or the vampires that only kill bad people for food. The previous sentences do not neccesarily describe real vampires, but more of the Hollywood version of a vampire.

Yet, the whole idea sounds somewhat satanic, with drinking blood and all. That got me wondering, are vampires in the Bible? I do not consider myself religious, but since the world's time is based on Jesus Christ's life, I do place importance on a lot of what it says. Especially in reguards to the history of the world and the "people" who started the human race. While there are no scriptures that blantantly state "vampires exist", there are plently of scriptures that suggest they did.

Vampire Orgin

As I looked into myths about the first vampire, a lot of them referred back to a great book, the Bible. It addressed a fact I always wondered about. When Cain killed Able and was told to leave, he married and unknown woman. But the Bible states that that family was the first and ONLY people on Earth. So who was she and where did she come from? I found a lot of myths answering this question.

Ok, Vampires Existed - Do They Now

So they existed. Is there any evidence that vampires still roam the Earth? I'm talking about physical attacks, disected vampires in the morgue, human witnesses, or vampires that came forward to the world. Well I found many books published by doctors about how the vampire's body works, and even how vampires spread. And there are many books on vampires in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

A Very Abstract Thought On Vampire History

Just for fun, let's just play with different ideas of people and vampires, and the creation of them.

What if the original people were vampires? That God made humans who had children with vampires and the mixed result was us. Then he inspired the Bible to be written to teach us not to be like a vampire? He was making humans after all.

Maybe, we were made as food to the vampires, but as we grew in numbers God seen we were actually the stronger race, so he had the Bible written to help us stay stronger. Vampires can only be out at night and people could be out anytime. We didn't even have to kill to live.

Or we were always vampires but he didn't want us to stay that way. These senerios would explain a lot of the blood drinking scriptures. I have wondered since I was a little kid why there are so many verses about drinking blood in the Bible. In the early scriptures there was a lot of stories about blood sacfrices to God, but yet we were told not to because it is satanic. But then why wasn't it satanic to spill blood to God for a good crop? Was God a vampire?

There is just so much of the Bible that contradicts itself, it is hard to know what to believe. On top of that, there are so many other sacred writings to consider.

Maybe we are all vampires who evolved because we stopped ingesting blood? We still have larger canine teeth. And then maybe we never figured out the language the Bible was written in, for that time, and the Bible we have today is completely wrong. Maybe it was just a cookbook! Wouldn't we all feel like idiots!

Ever hear of dimensions? Perhaps vampires actually exist in another dimension that ocasionally crosses over with ours. And that is how we have seen them or encountered them. Then God sen that we were starting to act like them, like little kids who do what they see, so he made the Bible to teach us right from wrong?

I guess there are some things we will never really know with absolute certainty. Perhaps we will find out after our death from Earth. Who really knows. Maybe it was realy the Greeks who had it all right? There are many religions, stories of creation, and doctrines to live our lives correctly. Every culture can't be right, can they? Or maybe we all are, and it is just written differently because what each culture was shown is written through the eyes of the writer. We know there was never a claim that God sat down and wrote the whole book himself, so people did (or Vampires did)!


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