Where Did Vampires Come From

If vampires are real, then they had to come from somewhere, right? How long ago did the first recorded vampire stories begin? I believe that there is a little bit of truth in all the monster stories, and that there had to be vampires at least in the past. There wouldn't be so many stories that cover thousands of years in time if they never existed. Just like there are stories of people from long ago, and here we are today. Ever hear of Jesus? See my point? The only way that this would not be true for vampires is if their description of vampires was interpreted wrong by us modern day people. Which could happen. And there are many more stories that do not come from the Bible.

Vampires In The Bible

The most trusted and oldest record of Earth's past is the Bible. I know not everyone believes in it. I am not even sure anymore what I believe with regards to the creation of the world. If there is talk of vampires in the Bible, then I think it is more possible that they once existed. The Bible spoke of great lizards and Jesus Christ. The great lizards, or dinosaurs, lived not long after the creation of the planet. We know this is true from bones and carbon dating. There really was a Jesus Christ and there are cave drawings to back it up.

So now lets jump back to Adam and Eve. Adam had a first wife who wasn't mentioned until much later in the Bible. Her name was Lilith, and she is also known as a demon. Lilith was made of the dirt, as was Adam, so she felt she was equal and eventually left Adam. She is believed to be the first vampire by some. After she left, Eve was made out of Adam's rib, so she wouldn't feel equal and would stay with him. Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Able. After Cain killed his brother, Able, he was banished and given a mark so everyone would know. Cain found Lilith by the Red Sea. Interesting, the Red Sea? Like a sea of blood? She taught him of the power of blood. Cain is also believed to be a vampire. Incidentally, this is one reason why we drain the blood of animals we slaughter. There are many scriptures in the Bible about the powers of blood and that we shouldn't drink it or eat animal meat that still has blood in it.

Cain and Lilith had children, who were written about in Beowulf, an epic poem. In the Bible, Cain was not mentioned much more except to say he had children with an unnamed woman and he was the "prototype of wicked man". In the poem, the kids are demons, and are believed by some to be the vampires.

Cain and Lilith are not the only possible vampires in the Bible. The man that betrayed Jesus to the Romans, Judas Iscariot, is also a possibility. He committed suicide because of the curse placed on his family and himself. Vampire legends claim that those who commit suicide are going to become vampires.

The First Vampires

About 4,000 years ago, in Mesopotamia, there were two demons named Lilith and Lamastu. They were also called vampires because they preyed on humans, sucking the blood out of them.

It is interesting that the Lilith in this myth is also the first woman, who left Adam. The story goes on that God sent three Angels to bring her back, but she wouldn’t come. The Angels said they would kill 100 of her children every day until she came back to Adam (she could now have her own children once she left the Garden of Eden). Lilith then vowed to kill human children.

Lamastu also preyed on children, during birth, breastfeeding, and even in their cribs at night. She is blamed for miscarriages and sudden infant death syndrome. Her name means "one who erases". She gave people nightmares, made them sick and sterile.

Both are terrifying winged creatures with sharp claws, or talons. The drawings I seen depicting them had feathered wings, but i believe them to be bat-like, because they could sneak into rooms at night.

Other Vampires

Lamia was a half woman, half serpent mortal lover of Zeus. When Hera found out, she made her go insane so that she would eat all her kids. Lamia then began sucking the blood of babies born to women she was jealous of.

In Asia, vampires were also different from Lilith. The rakshasa, gargoyle-like creatures, could change their shape. They preyed on children. The vetala were demons who could possess dead bodies and make them do things.

There are many more versions of vampires that come from other cultures, but the only thing that seem the same in all of them is that they sucked the blood of the living and were immortal, or at least lived a lot longer.


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